Welcome to the Team, Tami!

PACE is excited to announce that Tami Skiles has joined our team as the Talent Acquisition Manager.

Tami has 30 years of experience in HR. Acquiring good talent has always been a top priority. Her passion is putting people first and she strives to make new connections wherever life takes her.

We sat down with Tami and got the insights on her new role.

Q: Tami, what is the main difference between talent acquisition and recruiting?

A: Recruiting is simply filling open roles in the company. Talent Acquisition is looking for a person who has the right skill sets to match the positions we have available. Also, identifying an unexpected great candidate and creating a pipeline of talent to grow into the positions. Not only are we looking for someone who fits the role, but also someone who is the best fit for PACE.

Q: What do you look for in a candidate?

A: I’m looking for the skills, but also someone who has grit, understands hard work, and someone who wants to build a career at the firm rather than joining as a steppingstone in their resume. Also, experience with building client relationships is a big plus.

Q: What interview advice would you give someone?

A: Biggest pieces of advice I have is…the minute you submit your resume is the minute you are interviewing. Your resume is the very first stage of the interview process, so find a way to make it stand out. But also, you are more than your resume and don’t get discouraged!

Q: What attracted you to join the PACE Team?

A: I had a networking connection with Karmell, PACE’s HR Director. This was a big plus! I am excited about the growth opportunities available at PACE and their commitment to their core values are displayed in their culture, which is something very important to me.

We are so excited to have Tami on board and can’t wait to see her accomplishments.

Welcome to the Team, Tami!