Happy Retirement, Robin Nelson!

Let’s wish Robin Nelson, PE, a happy retirement! Robin has dedicated over 30 years to creating and improving our communities. He led our municipal team with his best foot forward and always looked for learning opportunities for his team members.

We will surely miss having Robin as part of the PACE Team. To get an insight into his 30-year engineering career, we asked Robin a few questions:


  1. How did you get into the engineering profession?

My interest in problem-solving and the ability to improve our community and environment.


2. What was your first job out of college?

I worked for Hammond Collier Wade Livingstone during college and continued full-time once I graduated from Saint Martins University.


3. What is your most memorable project?

I have had the opportunity to be involved in many significant and diverse projects throughout my career. I

would have to say the Marysville Effluent transfer pipeline, which conveys treated wastewater effluent to the City of Everett WWTP and ultimately into the deep water outfall in Puget Sound, eliminating their discharge into the Snohomish River estuary, significantly improving water quality in this valuable environment.


4. What piece of advice can you give to the younger generation of engineers?

Continue to seek knowledge, investing in your skills. Get involved and support our industry. Earn the trust of your clients with responsive communication, and embrace change.


5. What have you enjoyed the most about working at PACE?

The people and culture.


6. What will you miss the most about the Municipal Team?

The ability to mentor and influence our staff growth, along with the relationships with the clients in our our industry.


Thank you, Robin, for always giving your best effort at PACE. We hope you have the best retirement!