Congratulations, Pam!

PACE is excited to announce the promotion of Pam Cobley, ENV SP, to Municipal Department Manager. Pam has over 22 years of experience in project management, community and inter-governmental relations, easement acquisition, grant writing, funding acquisition, and long-range planning.

Pam’s career began on a different path; she initially started as a Marketing Coordinator. Her career path changed when she assisted a project manager with a comprehensive water system plan. The first plan became a regular task and eventually led her to the world of government relations and community outreach. Pam eventually left marketing and worked her way into becoming a Project Manager.

Pam always knew that her skills were with people rather than papers. So, she took the initiative to mold her career path and reach her goal of becoming a Manager. Pam will now take her skills and lead PACE’s municipal group, overseeing department resources and staffing to meet client expectations. She will also track budgets, monitor staff performance, and be responsible for PACE’s QA/QC processes.

We asked Pam a few questions to learn more about her and her career:

Q: What are two of your greatest career accomplishments to date?

A: One was when I completed a successful public information plan for a $36 million regional sewer system. The other was obtaining over $40 Million in design and construction funding for various municipal clients.

Q: What do you look forward to in your new role?

A: I’m excited to build upon our strong foundation to give our clients the best service possible and provide the municipal department with more growth and learning opportunities.


PACE can’t wait to see Pam’s accomplishments as the new Municipal Department Manager.


  1. You have always been set to do amazing things since Junior high. I have watched you grow over the years and flourish into a brilliant successful woman and mom. I am very proud of you and proud that we are friends and have been since Junior high. Way to go friend! Keep reaching for the stars!