Despite the challenges of dry summer heat and the environmental risk of wildfires, PACE effectively researched, gathered evidence, and documented 13 sections of property owned by or abutting the Eaton Family Cattle Ranch. PACE’s services included General Land Office (GLO) evidence and recovery, documentation, and recording of a final survey. Due to the summer months’ conditions, our surveyors needed to efficiently complete this project on a short schedule. Undeterred by the heat and fire hazards, our teams remained focused and efficient. Our crews worked diligently to meet the timeline using GPS, conventional instruments, Microsoft Teams for communication, and ATV vehicles to maneuver around the vast site. Recognizing the necessity of overnight stays due to the project’s remote location, we partnered with the rancher and leveraged their insights to minimize disruptions to their operations. Our strategic approach and collaborative efforts successfully delivered results while mitigating environmental challenges and respecting the rancher’s needs.



Client Name

Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife


Kittitas, WA


  • Research
  • Risk Management
  • GPS