PACE was the prime consultant responsible for site, piping, and structural design for abandoning two in-ground open-air reservoirs and re-grading the site for access and a new 800-SF above-grade water pump station building on a 7.36-acre site located in Springfield, OR. PACE provided services for the grading design, temporary erosion sedimentation control, storm drainage demolition, and waterlines for the project, including a 24-inch transmission main on a steep slope. The site contained two open-air reservoirs and a steel water tank. The design included above-ground high-density polyethylene pipe temporary water bypass lines to keep the water system operating during construction of the new, relocated waterlines. The grading of the site included the design of a new 24-foot-wide access road and the grading of a pad for the location of a future water tank.

“They do a good job. They do quality work. They have a large enough staff and backing that they can keep up the pace needed to get the job done in a timely manner.”

-Springfield Utility Board




Client Name

Springfield Utility Board


Springfield, Oregon


  • Pump Station Design
  • Site Drainage
  • Water System Improvements
  • Grading Design
  • Access Road Improvements
  • Structural Engineering Design