PACE spearheaded the development of a project featuring a new 0.5-MG prestressed AWWA D-110 concrete reservoir alongside onsite vaults, site grading, an access road, and 15,000 feet of transmission main, navigating through various terrain, including creek and canal crossings and steep slopes. Our comprehensive solutions encompass reservoir siting, transmission main routing, water line and access easements, environmental assessment, wetland determination, and permitting.

PACE facilitated seamless coordination among survey, environmental, structural, civil, and electrical teams, fostering collaboration and ensuring alignment with the District’s objectives. Our proactive approach involved continuous stakeholder engagement, incorporating valuable feedback to maintain a cohesive design concept. Our focus remained on addressing concerns promptly and implementing changes that optimized value or mitigated risks for the District, thereby ensuring project success.






Client Name

Crystal Springs Water District


Odell, OR


  • Federal/State Funding
  • Concrete Reservoir
  • Transmission Main
  • Easements
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Wetland Determination
  • Permitting