PACE provided survey, structural, and civil engineering services for the Crystal Spring Water District. The project designed a new 0.8-MG prestressed AWWA D-110 concrete reservoir, an access road, and 2,300 feet of transmission main. Our comprehensive services encompassed planning, engineering, surveying, subconsultant coordination, and permitting assistance, ensuring a streamlined process from conception to implementation.

PACE conducted thorough assessments, including base mapping, preparation of the Environmental Information Document, cultural resources surveys, wetlands determination, and biological assessments, to inform our strategy and minimize environmental impact. Additionally, we developed detailed plans, specifications, and construction cost estimates. Our client-centric approach incorporated regular communication and feedback, fostering collaboration and ensuring alignment with the district’s vision. Our focus remained on addressing issues promptly, informing the client of progress, and delivering results that exceeded expectations.






Client Name

Crystal Springs Water District


Odell, OR


  • Federal/State Funding
  • Concrete Reservoir
  • Transmission Main
  • Easements
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Permitting