PACE began our relationship with King County Water District 125’s (WD125) in 2000 and has provided GIS consulting and staff augmentation services to them since 2004. In 2010, PACE designed and implemented a GIS to represent their water system assets. In addition to providing ongoing GIS consulting and staff augmentation services, PACE regularly trains key WD125 personnel to perform routine editing and maintenance tasks in-house. In 2017, PACE began a phased integration of WD125’s field inspection programs. The initial scope included migrating pertinent water system data and field maps to a cloud environment (ArcGIS Online) and training WD125 staff to collect and update field data directly into the GIS with the Collector for ArcGIS mobile application. The second phase will be completed in 2018/2019 and includes mobilizing the valve inspection program. PACE works closely with WD125’s staff to align project initiatives with district needs and budgetary restraints.



Client Name

King County Water District 125


Tukwila, WA


  • Geospatial Data Management
  • GIS Planning and Design
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Web GIS