PACE provided the design for the construction of a 100-acre-foot irrigation reservoir (approximately 33 MG). Constructed with native material, this dam has a maximum total hydraulic height of 49 feet and was permitted through the Washington State Department of Ecology Office of Dam Safety. The dam crest length is approximately 1,200 feet, and the normal operational depth is 36 feet. The off-channel reservoir is lined with a 40 mil HDPE liner and can be filled at a maximum rate of 3,000 GPM. Peak design stormwater flows of 500 cfs from extreme storm events are directed around the reservoir in an armored trapezoidal channel. The channel provides double duty as an access road



Client Name

Kyle Mathison Orchards


Wenatchee, WA


  • Reservoir Planning
  • Reservoir Design
  • Engineering Report
  • Construction Assistance