The restoration project along Johnson Creek, initiated by the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, aimed to address the ecological damage caused by previous interventions. Historically, Johnson Creek supported a thriving salmon population, benefiting from seasonal flooding that enriched its habitat with nutrients. However, as Portland’s population grew in the early 1930s, the Works Progress Administration constructed rock walls along the creek’s banks to mitigate flooding, inadvertently destroying the salmon habitat.

To rectify this, the project restored the natural floodplain and salmon-friendly habitat of Johnson Creek. PACE provided surveying services as part of a multi-discipline team, including boundary and topographic mapping and as-built surveys. The completed Cedar Crossing Project marks a significant achievement, with Johnson Creek now restored to its historic state, fostering a conducive environment for salmon and other wildlife. This restoration ensures the sustainability and resilience of the creek ecosystem for future generations.



Client Name

Portland Bureau of Environmental Services


Portland, OR


  • Boundary Survey
  • Topographic Mapping
  • As-built Survey