The PACE team managed the land surveying and storm drainage design aspects of a roadway improvement project stretching from Highway 99W north to the local high school. When the City identified that the existing water system was nearing the end of its service life during the review of the 90% drawings, PACE swiftly stepped in to address the issue.

Recognizing the urgency, PACE expedited the design process for the water line replacement, ensuring it aligned seamlessly with the project’s bidding schedule. Focusing on efficiency and timeliness, PACE managed the design and plan preparation for approximately 2,600 LF of water line, encompassing connections to single-family homes, multi-family residences, and commercial properties, and installed fire hydrants.

Our survey team provided right-of-way and topographic surveys and prepared all the acquisition documents for additional right-of-way and easements. PACE prepared the pre-construction Record of Survey and the post-construction Record of Survey. We also prepared a pre-construction ortho mosaic photograph and a post-construction ortho mosaic photograph.

By prioritizing rapid yet thorough design solutions, PACE enabled the project to proceed without delay, ultimately ensuring the continued functionality and reliability of the community’s water infrastructure. This proactive approach underscores PACE’s commitment to delivering effective and timely solutions that meet the evolving needs of infrastructure projects.




Client Name

City of Newberg


Newberg, OR


  • Water Main Design
  • Topographic Mapping