PACE provided environmental consulting services to redevelop an expansive 8.9-acre site in Redmond. The project is centered around a commercial office building and associated infrastructure. The site included one wetland and two streams on its western half, posing several challenges. The impact of a new access road for the proposed building on Stream 1 played a crucial role in the design efforts. PACE’s approach involved the construction of a new stream channel. This innovative design redirected the stream’s course, facilitating discharge into a newly created wetland buffer and an existing culvert. This strategy mitigated the impact on Stream 1 and surpassed regulatory requirements by expanding the existing stream buffer beyond 25 feet.

In tandem with the channel construction, additional mitigation efforts included installing large woody debris and other habitat features to restore and enhance the existing but poorly vegetated stream buffer. PACE’s design addressed ecological concerns by removing non-native and invasive species and replanting native trees and shrubs to preserve a diverse, sustainable ecosystem. PACE then efficiently coordinated the submission of permits, including Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) and Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application (JARPA). This project met and exceeded environmental compliance standards and achieved SITES gold certification, underscoring PACE’s commitment to delivering holistic, forward-thinking environmental solutions.



Client Name

Confidential Client


Redmond, WA


  • Site design
  • Mitigation planning