The Quincy Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant cleans high-strength food processing wastewater. PACE provided civil and environmental engineering design for this three-phase project. Phase 1 evaluated benefits of energy conservation by optimizing operation of two 12 MG sequencing batch reactors. Using a state-of-the-art bioprocess model, PACE determined that power use could be reduced by about 2.3 million kwh/year by replacing two 600 hp centrifugal blowers with two 320 hp positive displacement blowers. Phase 2 developed plans, specifications, and estimates for installing new blowers with integral variable frequency drives and a process control PLC for adjusting the aeration to match the demand in the aerobic treatment units. For Phase 3, PACE provided construction assistance and completed monitoring and verification of the energy savings.



Client Name

City of Quincy


Quincy, WA


  • Energy Conservation Evaluation
  • New Blower Design
  • Construction Monitoring & Assistance