The city of Quincy’s Municipal Water Reclamation Facility required an aeration upgrade to increase its capacity to remove biological oxygen demand and total nitrogen from residential and industrial wastewater. PACE designed and oversaw the installation of a new fine bubble aeration system in the two 1.5 MG sequencing batch reactors and three 120 hp positive displacement blowers with integral variable frequency drives. Included were dissolved oxygen sensors in the sequencing batch reactors and a bioprocess control panel, which controls the blower speed so that aeration is provided only per the demand in the aeration basin, which significantly reduces electrical power use. The city was awarded an $180,000 grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce for implementing the energy conservation measures, which are expected to save about 500,000 kwh/year.



Client Name

City of Quincy


Quincy, WA


  • Fine Bubble Aeration System Design
  • Energy Conservation