The City of Tigard and its Town Center Development Agency (TCDA) are dedicated to enhancing downtown Tigard through the City Center Urban Renewal Plan, focusing on vibrant urban spaces, recreational opportunities, and attracting residents and visitors. The Nick Wilson Memorial Plaza project, named after former City Councilor Nick Wilson, aims to create a 6,000-SF public space and trail connection near Fanno Creek. Restoration of Fanno Creek banks with native plantings and slope stabilization measures will ensure ecological sustainability. PACE’s civil engineering and land surveying tasks include:

  • Topographic mapping.
  • Retaining wall and access driveway widening for two-way traffic.
  • Designing an enhanced pedestrian crossing at Main Street.
  • Preparing a stormwater report.
  • Flood plain grading compliance analysis.




Client Name

City of Tigard


Tigard, OR


  • Site Development
  • Access Design
  • Enhanced Pedestrian Crossing on Main Street
  • Permitting
  • Stormwater Design
  • Topographic Mapping