Land Surveying Services in Portland, OR

If you’re preparing for a construction project, you need to know the exact dimensions of the land you are working on. You need to know where you are allowed to build and where hazards might be. You also need to know whether you can disturb the land at all. Before you start your project, you need land surveying services.

PACE offers land surveying so that you can know exactly what you’re working with on every project. Our team of surveyors offers a variety of surveying and mapping services so that there’s no misunderstanding about the land you are working on.

We serve the Portland, OR, area and have offices in both Oregon and Washington.

Our Survey Services

Our team uses cutting-edge technology to offer thorough land surveys. We use 3D imaging, drones, and GPS technology to create the most accurate picture of the land and satisfy all parties involved, from lenders to builders to property owners.

Our 3D scanning services are used for:

  • Utility transmission
  • Transportation corridors
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Infrastructure and piping
  • Historical preservation

We also offer construction services, including:

  • Pre- and post-construction as-builts
  • Monitoring
  • Construction staking

Our site and route mapping services include:

  • Utility mapping
  • Subdivision and boundary adjustments
  • Flood elevation certificates
  • Expert witness information
  • Boundaries

In addition to all these, we can ensure correct data for easements and right-of-way disputes on any property. Our workstations are equipped with AutoCAD Civil 3D and point cloud processing to ensure that we can provide the most accurate information possible.

Our Background

PACE has provided survey services since 1992, and we have always been committed to providing the best customer experience and the most comprehensive results. We are dedicated to protecting the Earth and our local environment and use a variety of sustainable practices such as electronics recycling and composting program. We want to do our part to leave Earth a little better than we found it.

To learn more about our land surveying services or let us know about a project, send us a message.

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